Q.2: Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow :

"Water, water everywhere, not a drop to drink. “said Coleridge. In the present scenario, his words sound prophetically true for our blue planet, seventy percent of which is water, is reeling from acute fresh water scarcity, especially in the developing and densely populated parts. It is easier to blame the problem on the changing climate all over the world but let's admit it, the real culprits are we. the people, for we waste water with impunity - be it industry, agriculture, washing clothes, cleaning dishes, bathing, flushing, shaving and even drinking. Do we ever realize how much water gets wasted due to our apathy and carelessness?

So far we have taken water as granted but we can no longer afford to do so. Rivers are turning into trickles, lakes and ponds are shrinking an drying up. While the government can do little about the natural distribution of water, it is doing all it can to augment availability of potable water and to awareness about its judicious use through audio-visual campaigns in the media. Real water conservation cannot take place unless people like I and you a their bit not to waste water. Since water is our life line, water conservation ought to begin with us.

Questions : -

1) What did Coleridge say about water?

2) What makes 'we, the people' real culprits of the water crisis?

3) Why can't we take water for granted any longer?

4) What is the government doing to ensure availability of water?

5) Find words from the passage which mean :

a) Sensible and careful use of something.

b) The preservation of resources.


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